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Well, one more full day at home and then it’s off to gov school I go *gulp*. Jitters are starting to sink in, but I’m still excited! I’ll try to keep you updated, but in the meantime, thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.

Back to the blogging! Since my last YouTube post, I’ve discovered a lot of new channels that are pretty awesome. Here are some of them with my personal favorite videos:

1. DavidSoComedy. His channel mostly consists of relatable rants and society issues. WARNING: his videos contain some bad language, so watch out for that, I guess? Sometimes he can get carried away, but I’d like to think he’s just a dedicated YouTuber spreading news to the public with passion. DavidSo

2. Paint. Confession: he is my nerd crush. He’s a really talented musician and is very witty. Some of my personal favorites: Duet with…

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One Direction Harry Styles y Niall Horan tira hacia abajo a su ropa interior en Jimmy Kimmel Live


Harry Styles and Niall Horan jumped at the chance to strip off when One Direction took part in Jimmy Kimmel’s Skype Scavenger Hunt on US TV.

Taking timeout from their gruelling Take Me Home Tour, the fivesome were divided in to two teams with Harry, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik on one side and Niall and Louis Tomlinson on the other.

Sitting in separate dressing rooms at the Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, where they played on Wednesday night, the two teams awaited instructions from comedian Kimmel who dished out instructions from the studio.

Both groups were told to return to their respective sofas with their underwear on over their trousers.

Although Niall was the first back to base and confident in his win, Harry was awarded the point because he had gone the extra mile and ditched his trousers altogether.

The Little Things singers also debuted their best toothpaste moustaches, with the point going to Niall and Louis.

In the next round all five gave…

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